David Stedman – Owner


Born into a family with a love of creating and confectionery (we will get to that later) I was always going to do something creative that needed sugar to keep going.

With nearly 20 years experience in the design and marketing field from large newspaper companies to running my own small agency I have seen a lot of different types of clients and i still get a buzz out of helping them out. Whether it was a simple flyer, a multi channel marketing campaign or website no business was the same and that is what keeps me motivated.

My belief is that design should not stand alone, but should be the glue, it could be a logo, website or copy writing the design should hold them all together. When you work with me I make sure I found out as much as I can about you and your aims (this may take some coffee) but it is important to get this information so we can both work together and to make sure the job has the desired outcome.

Now if you are still reading this and want to know more about how i could help you or your business (or just why i love confectionery so much) then flick me an email on the contact page or give me a call on 0425 292 673.