Studio Stedman is a Sydney-based design agency committed to having fun without losing sight of our clients’ needs.

With over 15 years’ experience in the design and advertising space, Studio Stedman is focused on making our clients look great through the art of great design and visual communication. The team is well-equipped and ready to help you at any stage of the design process: from developing creative concepts to executing a new brand in market.

We have the expertise and know-how to deliver tailored solutions – whether they’re slightly out-of-left-field, right out-of-the-park or simply straight-down-the-line – for advertising and marketing campaigns, print brochures, websites, photography, packaging or even a simple flyer. If you have an idea for your business but you don’t know how it can work, we can help. Studio Stedman can take the ‘how’s’ of your idea and turn them in to something visible, relevant and real.



We like to think our design approach is somewhat different from our counterparts: we operate on the principal that a little bit of logic, lays the foundation for a whole lot of creativity.

Design is not only about developing an aesthetically pleasing product for our client; it is equally a problem solving exercise. We work with our clients to find out who they are and what they want in order to decipher what it is they need. Our design approach and expertise ensures we deliver excellent results across visual, graphic and web, every time.


Most businesses know the importance of having a working website; Studio Stedman is no exception. And for this reason, we believe it’s even more important to ensure your web is actually working for you.

We work with our clients to ascertain the role of the website as part of the overall business and to gauge where it sits in the value-chain. We recognise company websites serve many purposes and we work with you to understand the key drivers and how best to bring these to life online.

Studio Stedman focusses on delivering visually appealing, easily accessible and functional websites tailored to meet our client’s requirements and ultimately exceed expectations.


(Yes, we know it’s not actually a word)

But as a full service creative agency we do recognise the importance of effective, written communication for the success of every business.

Our in-house wordsmith and copywriter works in parallel with us and the client to ensure the written and visual messages are on song and on brief. We provide a range of copy services for print and online: text changes – from the simple to the more complex – to improve consistency, tonality, clarity and style; content creation from scratch; and production of business proposals and presentations.

Coupled with the right design, the right copy can take your message to a different level.



This is truly where we come in to our own: conceptualising, creating and executing advertising and marketing campaigns as well as promotional activities. Our broad industry experience and genuine zest for building campaigns means we are well-placed to help you take your message to market.

Design is just one of the elements of our approach to a great campaign: we apply strategic and creative thinking along with research and analysis: considering market conditions, life cycle of the business, marketplace competition and marketing mix.

We view campaigns as a series of different messages across various mediums for specific effect. The team at Studio Stedman delivers integrated marketing communications, ensuring all aspects work as a unified force.


Every brand has a story and every re-brand has a back-story; it is the job of the logo to begin this story and our job as designers to work out how best to communicate this story.

We work with companies of all sizes, across multiple industries, at different stages of the business life cycle to produce stand-out logos that represent their business and effectively tell their story. We love the creative process of logo design: taking a business, a name and what it stands for and visually bringing it all to life!

Print Management

 Great design is best showcased through high-quality printing. We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing for corporate and commercial print publications, chain store fronts, car wraps large format design and office interiors and exteriors.

Studio Stedman understands the complexities of the printing process and works closely with a select number of professional print houses. We will gladly manage all of your pre-press and print management needs.


There is no "I" in Team...unless you are really bad at spelling.

David Stedman

David Stedman

Creative Director - Owner View Details
Melissa Bruhns

Melissa Bruhns

Art Director View Details
Marianne Shields

Marianne Shields

Communications Director View Details
David Stedman

David Stedman

Creative Director - Owner

With his great grandfather inventing the iconic Australian confectionary Minties and their accompanying catchphrase “it’s moments like these…” you might say (although not scientifically proven) it is the sugar that runs in David’s blood that allows him to think outside the norm when it comes to innovative concepts for growing business.

With a balance of imagination and practicality, David’s creative instincts and corporate understanding allows him the ability to spark a creative firestorm while never losing sight of a company’s business needs.

“no two companies are the same and no two brands should be the same; they each have their own people, purpose, culture and feel and it is our job to relay that essence on paper, screen and any damn thing you want”.

Melissa Bruhns

Melissa Bruhns

Art Director

Having moved from the perfect weather of Queensland to experience the even better life of New South Wales (a person from New South wales wrote this), Melissa has the ability to remove the sugar and hyperactivity from David’s ideas and get them to work for the client.

In to her 5th year of design, it is Melissa’s natural artistic talents mixed with an acquired experience in business that gives her the nous to create meaningful design that not only looks great but tells a business’s story while concisely relaying relevant information.

Her inquisitive and intuitive nature, teamed with her friendly disposition will draw out and interpret exactly what your creative campaign needs.

“Creative design is not only about developing a visually appealing and tangible product for the client but it’s also a matter of problem solving.
As soon as I get asked to do a design, my first question is why? All else will flow from this”.

Marianne Shields

Marianne Shields

Communications Director

From her year’s spent living in Japan (fighting the good fight against bad Engrish), combined with over 8 years’ working in the media industry (AAP, ninemsn and Nine Entertainment Co.), Marianne understands the nuance of communication and language and the fundamental part it plays to the success of a business.

Safe to say that Marianne Loves words; but most importantly she loves the challenge of and the rewards that come with finding the right words, tone, meaning and colour to convey the most effective message to the desired audience.

Marianne’s inquiring disposition is matched with her ability to creatively translate your ideas into an appropriate framework, ensuring your words speak volumes.

“As said by Dr. Seuss, ‘sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple’. I see my job is to ask these questions, to both guide and be guided so as to reach the client’s desired outcome”


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